Mplayit Launches Mobile App Discovery Directory On Facebook

There are a host of directories of iPhone apps on the web as well as applications that make personalized recommendations of apps, such as Chorus, that might catch your fancy. Mplayit enters this space hoping to combine these two ambitions into one, comprehensive Facebook app.

Mplayit’s directory of iPhone and mobile apps includes all 100,000 plus iPhone apps and a smattering of other mobile app as well. Each app has a dedicated page where Mplayit will post videos of the app (created either by the developer or pulled from YouTube), a detailed description of the app and reviews. You can also click to buy the app from Apple’s App Store (from which Mplayit receives a affiliate fee).

Once you start clicking on various app and downloading apps, Mplayit will begin to recommend apps to you based on your behavior on the site. And you can share apps on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page also shows the activity that’s taking place in other app stores, such as Apple’s, to show users what apps are receiving the most downloads, reviews and more. Users will also be able to see the “apptivity” within their social network, so they can clearly see what apps their friends and family are most interested in. Similar app directories will be rolled out in the Facebook app for the Blackberry and Android in the next few months.

Mplayit already helps major carriers, such as Sprint, power app directories for games and apps, so the startup has experience in the space. Mplayit founder and CEO Michael Powers, says that Facebook is the ideal platform for the the app discovery engine because of the ability to tap into your social graph to discover and share apps. The app is comprehensive and does give you more details about apps than the reviews in Apple’s App store. Mplayit is definitely worth a look.