AdWhirl Spins Its Own Open Source iPhone SDK And Server

Screen shot 2009-12-16 at 12.10.51 PMAdWhirl is a mobile advertising service that allows app developers to easily switch ad networks without being a hassle to the end users. They were acquired by the ad network AdMob back in August, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing what they do. And today, they’re making their offering even better by open sourcing the whole thing.

With the new AdWhirl iPhone SDK, developers can now customize which ad networks they’d like to use, rather than being forced to include them all. This can significantly cut down the size of app, the company writes on its blog today. But the open sourcing of the project means that developers can now also use ad networks that weren’t previously supported by the service, and can let other AdWhirl users how to do the same. AdWhirl notes that developers currently using the service won’t have to change a thing to accomodate this new SDK.

The other announcement today involves their AdWhirl Server. This the the backend infrastructure that makes the whole system work, not only serving up the ads, but allowing users to monitor statistics. AdWhirl says it has redesigned this server from the ground up and it’s now using Amazon Web Services EC2. And beginning today, the company is providing the code so that developers can run their own AdWhirl servers. The move to EC2 should allow running their own servers to make it easier to scale as well, they note.

You can find all the new code on Google code.

Earlier this month, .App/Ads launched its own open ad platform.