First Rule Of Facebook Connect: You Do Talk About Fight Club

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 1.44.55 PMThis is all kinds of awesome. For its upcoming 10th anniversary edition of David Fincher’s film Fight Club, Fox has created a website that uses Facebook Connect in one of the best ways I’ve ever seen. Once the site loads up (it takes a little while since it’s Flash-based), you simply hit a button to Connect and you’re off. The result is a mash-up of scenes from the film along with random pictures of you on Facebook.

It also pulls your name, and other details from your Facebook profile such as your career. For example, at one point, it flashes the following message to me, “you are squandering your potential as a writer.” Interesting.

I took a video grab below of it in action, but unfortunately, it doesn’t capture the sound. You need to watch this for yourself to get the full effect. Do it now. You are not your f*cking khakis.

Update: And in one of those awesome little moments of coincidence, commenter Ron reminds us that it is none other than David Fincher who is currently filming The Social Network, the new movie about Facebook, which presumably, the company isn’t too happy about.


[images: Fox]