Microsoft Makes It Easier To Bing Tom Brady On The Go. Especially On The iPhone.

IMG_0654The mobile version of Bing launched alongside the regular site this past summer worked well but lacked some of the bells and whistles that rivals like Google offer in their mobile experience. And with the mobile web becoming increasingly important, a focus on this area is crucial for a fledgling search engine. So today Bing has unveiled a new version of its mobile experience.

The main change is that Bing has been completely revamped for touchscreen smartphones and devices. Currently, this means the G1, the Verizon Imagio, the Samsung Omnia, the Zune HD, and yes, the iPhone. In its blog post, Bing even uses a picture to highlight how nice Bing Mobile looks on the Apple device.

The new interface is easy to navigate, offering tabs for different types of searches, and an easy way to clear old searches and start fresh. It also offers a nice, visual way of looking up movies. Visual search is one of the key things Bing has been focusing on to differentiate itself from Google.

For those users without these touch devices, Bing Mobile has some new features you can use as well. An easy-to-use flight status checker is nice, but the key new feature is the NFL search results. Now, with Bing Mobile, if you do a search for “Tom Brady,” you’ll get a player card at the top of the results with his picture, season stats, and previous and upcoming games this season. This is a nice feature for football season, and could actually drive some usage of Bing Mobile on Sundays.