That Was Fun, But Now Nokia's Looking To Sell Off Dopplr

The damn ink isn’t even dry on the Dopplr acquisition by Nokia that everyone said would never happen (it did). And yet, we’re now hearing rumors that Nokia is quietly looking for a buyer to take the travel social network off their hands.

Whoa. What? The deal was announced on September 24. It’s been less than a month. Not even eBay throws away acquisitions that quickly.

According to our source, all Nokia really wanted from the acquisition was the team, particularly CEO Marko Ahtisaari (formerly a star Nokia guy) and CTO Matt Biddulph. Suddenly, Mike Butcher’s article about the deal on TechCrunch Europe makes a lot of sense.

They may actually want to keep the mobile stuff, too, which will be useful for future Nokia products.

But the main Dopplr site is now up for grabs, from what we hear. So if you’re in the market for a really nice travel social network, give Nokia a call.