That Was Fun, But Now Ebay's Selling Off StumbleUpon

In May 2007 eBay acquired website recommendation engine StumbleUpon for $75 million. Now, less than a year and a half later, they’re trying to unload it according to a source with knowledge of the sale process.

eBay has hired Deutsche Bank to find the right buyer, says our source, but the asking price is unknown. It’s not certain that eBay will be able to sell it for the price they paid – In July StumbleUpon had 1.3 million worldwide visitors and 25 million page views. Twelve months earlier the service attracted 4.4 million visitors and 31 million page views (Comscore). Google trends shows stagnation over the last year as well.

Registered users have continued to rise steadily, however. The service had 5 million in April 2008. As of this evening, the site shows 6,003,763, a 20% rise in less than 5 months.