Kanye West Disrespects Our Website

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This is pretty awesome. You’ve probably heard about hip hop artist Kanye West’s antics on Sunday night during MTV’s VMA awards. If not, watch this. Basically, West interrupted country singer Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to say that Beyonce deserved the award. It seems like no one will shut up about it. While West later apologized, his name has been a top trending topic on Twitter ever since the incident. And now any website can suffer the same disrespect at the hands of West.

Kanyelicio.us is a site with one purpose: To make Kanye West insult your own site. Simply type in the URL “http://kanyelicio.us/” and after the final “/” put in your own domain. For example, here’s Kanye insulting TechCrunch.

Hours of endless fun.

You may recall that back in May, West wrote a long, capitalized, rant against Twitter. He was mad about people pretending to be him on the service. I’m not sure if he ever got his own name, but that account is now suspended. Poor Kanye.