Chrome Hits Version 3 Just A Year After Its Launch. Still No Mac Version.

Chrome-NTP-NewTwo weeks ago was Google Chrome’s first birthday. Today, they’re already releasing the third finalized version of the browser, promising that is is the fastest and most stable version yet.

Along with the announcement, Google has some pretty impressive statistics. Among them:

  • This past year has seen 51 developer updates, 21 beta updates and 15 stable updates
  • There have been 3,505 bugfixes
  • They’ve improved by more than 150% in Javascript performance since the first beta
  • And they’ve improved JavaScript performance by 25% since Chrome version 2

Along with the performance updates, Chrome has a slightly new look. Most noticeable is the new Tabs area. Anyone who has been using developer builds of Chrome or Chromium, will recognize this (above).

Google has also added more HTML5 support into this version of Chrome. And theme support is now fully built-in. They have also further optimized their “Omnibox,” the address bar in Chrome that is also used for search.

Interestingly, it has been over a year for Chrome on the PC, but there is still no official release for Mac or Linux. Both of those builds are coming along nicely, but it appears we’ll now have to wait for Chrome 4 before we see these versions. Builds of Chromium that we’re currently using are already into version 4.