JibJab Helps You (And A Friend) Bust A Move With Soul Train Partnership

The folks at JibJab continue to pump out some of the funniest customized videos on the web. Last month they forged a deal with master parody maker Weird Al to bring custom versions of the song writer’s music video to the site. And today they’re announcing a partnership with Soul Train, the long-running music TV program that featured countless artists from genres including R&B, soul, and hip hop over its 35 years on the air. You’ll now be able to stick yourself (or your friends) in the 70’s-era dance video below and watch the hilarious results.

JibJab has been making similar videos for quite a while, and has built up an impressive repertoire of licensed content including videos from Snoop Dogg and High School Musical. Cofounder Gregg Spiridellis says that the site’s recent implementation of Facebook Connect, which lets users pull photos from the social network and share these customized videos with friends, has led to video virality tripling compared to normal sharing over Email.