Dreams Do Come True: JibJab Lets You Star In Weird Al's Latest Music Video

We’re big fans of JibJab, the popular comedy site that offers an arrary of original parody videos and Ecards, most of which you can customize with goofy pictures of your friends. The site has previously Elfed the TechCrunch crew, stuck our editors into a Pepsi Ad and more. But tonight, JibJab is really outdoing itself, adding an extra boost of star power that takes its videos to the next level: it’s letting you appear in a music video with parody song legend Weird Al.

Scoff all you want, but the man really is quite brilliant (for the record, I’ve had Amish Paradise memorized for the last 13 years). He’s also got quite a following, with 950,000 followers on Twitter. The JibJab video is notable for being among the first officially licensed music videos that let fans customize the action using their own photos. The official video is available for free for anyone to watch at JibJab.com (it’s also the same video that will be distributed to iTunes, MTV, etc.), but if you want to personalize using the ‘Staring You’ feature you’ll have to become a paid member. Memberships run $15.99 per year, or $7.99 per month.

This kind of video has proven very popular for JibJab — since launching the Starring You feature in August 2007, the site has seen 122 million streams from its homepage (the number of streams from embed likely puts that number over 200 million).