Sega sez: Natal and PS3 motion controller games in "early 2010"

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natalWhen a company says they’d like to think they might make an announcement about some games four or five months from now, you know you’re in trouble. We were all hoping (against all rational thought) that we might at least get an idea of what’s coming for these new motion controllers by Christmas, but no. I guess that although Sega is one of the first to announce that they’ll be making an announcement, it doesn’t mean they’ll be the first with games out. So there’s still hope…

It’s no secret, however, that the first games to come out for these things are going to be pretty bad. It’ll be amazing to even play bad games with these things, of course, but the subtleties of the hardware probably won’t get figured out for a while. As the Sega guy said, it’s “the land of bunsen burners and test tubes.” And we all know how fun those are!

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