A couple WinMo 7 features blabbed by Moto employee

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Ono Moto. Better be careful what you put on the internet. Just as a salacious Facebook profile picture will always be found by your boss, salacious unreleased-OS details in your accomplishments will always be found by intrepid bloggers. Some Motorola developers inexplicably included some features of Windows Mobile 7 in their LinkedIn profiles — nothing too juicy, but it does give us a few hints.

Handwriting recognition says “stylus support” to me, though I suppose it’s possible you could snap a picture of a page of notes and have your phone turn it into a document or something. I’m sticking with the stylus support.

Tegra support means media. Not exactly a big surprise, but it’s good to know that they’re going to be pushing that hardware on more platforms than the Zune HD.

MEMS sensors, accelerometer and compass: if it didn’t have these, we’d be pretty disappointed.

The whole list of details is here
, but most of the rest is “Outlook DB management” or “Live search functionality,” that sort of thing. There is some talk about getting 7 out the door around April of 2010, which yes, I would highly recommend, Microsoft, thanks for asking. The longer you have to rely on 6.5, the more time your enemies have to work on something that leapfrogs 7.

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