Microsoft Mulls Making Search Results Shareable With "Bing & Ping"


Websites large and small are quickly learning that a sure way to make something go viral is to make it easy to share on Facebook and Twitter. Why should search results be any different? In fact, the ability to share a result via Twitter or social networks is quickly becoming a standard feature of many real-time search engines.

Microsoft’s Bing might soon add its own way to share search results called “Bing and Ping.” The feature is about to enter limited beta testing and will show up under certain result types such as sports scores or flight information. There will be small links at the bottom allowing you to share that result via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Most of the time, searching is a solitary activity. But there are times when you come across something worth sharing, especially if it is presented as more than just a link. Bing tries to compile information for different search categories in their own self-contained boxes. These are certainlyshareable, especially when you are trying to prove a point, win an argument, or just rub your friends’ noses in it when their favorite team loses.