Pics: Facebook's Sexier New Inbox Starts Rolling Out

We’ve known since June that Facebook was going to revamp its inbox, which has been one of the social network’s real weaknesses. Today, the new inbox appears to be rolling live for some users.

And you can see, the changes are a little different than some of the ones previewed two months ago. But as expected, there’s a more obvious way to jump between the inbox, updates and sent messages. It is also much easier to filter out which emails are unread versus the ones that you’ve already seen. Perhaps most notably, the composition box for a new message is an overlay rather than a new window, which is much nicer. The threaded discussions for actual messages has also been significantly cleaned up and now look more like the News Feed, complete with the square-shaped icons.

We haven’t had a chance to test it yet (it’s only beginning to roll out to users), but I would assume that the search functionality has been upgraded as well, alongside with the recent upgrade to Facebook’s regular search functionality. Facebook rival MySpace also recently overhauled its inbox in an effort to get it up to par not just with other social networks, but with the big boys like Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

Below find some screenshots.