Yahoo Pretends To Tell You What Kind Of Twitter User You Are

picture-145When Robert Scoble, lover of all things web, says something is lame, you know it must be really lame. And that’s what he’s saying about a new Yahoo site, Know Your Mojo! — and he’s right.

The site claims to tell you what kind of “social mojo” you possess by analyzing your tweets. It’s a very simple site, below the big “What’s Your Social Mojo?” question it asks you to put in your Twitter username. You then hit the submission button and it takes you through an animation of a series of pipes. You’re spit on on the other end with what kind of Twitter user you are. The only problem? It’s different just about every time you put in your user name.

Of the 16 different mojo possibilities, I’ve gotten 3 different ones on 4 attempts. Scoble notes similar results. So I don’t know what kind of analyzing it’s doing, but it doesn’t appear to work too well. Of course, that doesn’t really matter because what this is really about is advertising Yahoo’s new homepage. It makes that pretty clear on the results page that tells you to feed your “mojo” by checking out Yahoo’s site and adding content to it.

While all of that has actually nothing to do with Twitter, Yahoo clearly made a Twitter analyzer to take advantage of the viral nature of the service, hoping the masses would tweet out their results and get more people to visit the site, and then Yahoo’s homepage. Sadly, it will probably work, even if the analyzer itself doesn’t.