Videos: Probably Fake Apple Tablet In Action. But Awesome.

Simply by Apple’s law of averages, the likelihood that the following two videos are real, is very small. If someone was able to sneak out one video of the Apple Tablet in action, it’d be a miracle, but two? Now you’re just tempting fate. Still, that isn’t stopping Brian Lam of Gizmodo from wondering if there could be something to these (even though his colleague disagrees). And you know what, even if they aren’t real, Apple should consider hiring whoever made them, because this seems like the right idea.

Sure, certain details are off, like the text alignment on some of the elements as ZDNet points out. But just look at this system in action. It’s like having multiple iPhones on the same giant touch screen (and that may actually be exactly what this is).

Regardless, whatever this is or isn’t, I want this. I was unsure if the app model would be better or worse than running a version of regular OS X on the Apple Tablet, but I’m definitely leaning towards better recently. And after seeing this, I hope Apple is too.



Also enjoy some images posted in the MacRumors Forums of the same purported device.