CheddarGetter Wants To Get Your Startup Some Cheddar (Invites)

picture-126Say you’re a startup, and say your plan is to make money (crazy I know), but maybe you don’t have the infrastructure in place to accept payments for whatever your business model is. There are plenty of solutions out there to do this for you, but CheddarGetter, which itself is a startup, wants to be the easiest and most affordable one.

The idea is to have a service with an interface that any developer can figure out, but at the same time, has flexible options so that it can support models like subscriptions, micro-billing, or donations. And the main key to all of this is its rich APIs, which you can read about here.

Using CheddarGetter, you won’t have to worry about declined credit cards, coding for pricing changes, handling trial times and all the complicated stuff that comes with payments. And the services does things like automate email sending for confirmations, and gives you an analytics package, to make your job easier.

The key part aside from ease of use is obviously cost. And CheddarGetter sounds pretty compelling with prices starting at $39 a month. Larger rivals can charge hundreds of dollars a month for the same services. And CheddarGetter has no setup fees, transaction fees or percentage fees. It’s simply the $39 a month and then forget about it — assuming you stay small.

If your startup takes off and you need to manage beyond 1,000 customers, the prices obviously go up. The Advanced package is $169.00 a month for up to 10,000 customers, and the Premium package is $549.99 a month for up to 50,000 customers. Or, if you only slightly go over the alloted number of users, there is a small per-customer overage fee you can choose to pay rather than upgrading. And no matter what payment scale you’re on, there are zero transaction and setup fees.

CheddarGetter is the first startup to launch from SproutBox, an Indiana-based incubator. It’s currently accepting applications for a new crop of early-stage startups, but hurry, the deadline is August 15.

The service isn’t set to launch until September, but we have 100 invites to give away now. Simply visit this page and use the code TECHCRUNCH1 in the ‘Got a Beta Code?’ box.