DVD Jon Posts His Apple Anti-trust Subpoena

picture-35As we’ve seen before, DVD Jon loves messing with Apple. And now he’ll get his chance in a major way. Jon Lech Johansen (better known as DVD Jon), the co-founder of doubleTwist, a company attempting to circumvent the iTunes/iPod ecosystem, has posted the subpoena he’s received to turn in documents related to Apple in an anti-trust case against them.

The subpoena (posted below), is basically a bunch of legal speak, but it’s pretty clear that the court is interested in obtaining any and all documents DVD Jon has that may be relevant to the case surrounding the legality of the entire iPod/iTunes ecosystem. Specifically, they are looking for documents from January 1, 2003 onward.

The key part is the last part:

IV. Document Requests

1. All communications with Apple concerning your efforts to make iPod inter-operable with digital audo and/or video recordings purchased from online stores other than the iTunes Store and/or your efforts to make digital audio and/or video recordings purchased from iTunes Store inter-operable with portable digital media players other than iPod, including, but not limited to, your efforts to circumvent and/or reverse engineer FairPlay.

2. All communication with Apple concerning the licensing of FairPlay.

3. All documents and communications concerning Apple’s attempts to prevent your efforts to circumvent or reverse engineer FairPlay.

Find the subpoena below.

Apple Antitrust Subpoena http://d.scribd.com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=18466587&access_key=key-1p5ul7t325wjhkbybz3c&page=1&version=1&viewMode=