It’s On: Bing Jingle Guy Proves He Sucks Less

Some people have the thinnest skins. Jonathan Mann, known on YouTube as “The Rock Cookie Bottom,” won a $500 contest that Microsoft was holding to encourage people to create a jingle for the new Bing search engine.

Naturally MG Siegler made fun of the jingle (it is, in fact, terrible). Angered, Cookie Bottom fires back today with a new song mocking MG:

So, those that know me, know that I don’t often address internet critics. Everyone’s got an opinion, no use getting up in arms about it. But MG Siegler’s post on TechCrunch was so nasty, and so high profile, that it seemed like I had to strike back. And so I have. I present to you, “I’m MG Siegler”, in which I throw his words back at him, and more. One note: The part about him blowing his boss…that’s completely made up. I really just wanted to use the rhyme “careington/arrington”. Enjoy!

In the words of Cartman, It’s On. And yes, Microsoft, we consider him an official representative of your company now, so you’ve just been dragged into this too. Cookie Bottom and MG will be having a jingle-off at a time and place to be announced shortly.

Really bad first Jingle and really funny and catchy second jingle videos are below: