Bing Has Succeeded… In Finding The Worst Jingle Ever

picture-15A few weeks ago, we wrote about the contest Microsoft’s new search engine Bing was holding to find a catchy jingle for the product. Today, they have announced the winner. “Catchy” is one word for it. Another is “awful.”

Sure, the song will get stuck in your head, but so does the sound of seals barking, or cows dying, if you listen to them for long enough.

But as bad as the jingle is, the video is much, much worse. It’s some guy in pajama pants doing really bad interpretive dance nonsense with awful effects and a Bing backdrop. The entire time I’m watching this, I’m thinking: So this is what hell looks/sounds like.

I cannot believe the guy won $500 for this. And I also cannot believe our interns didn’t enter.

Bing, as a product, is pretty solid. This jingle, is not. Hopefully whoever voted on it was just messing around with Microsoft.

“Enjoy” it below.