Oops, @MarissaMayer Deletes Sensitive Tweet That Can Still Be Found

Google’s Marissa Mayer has discovered the ‘delete’ button on Twitter, but much like you can find deleted web pages using Google cache search, you can also uncover removed tweets by using Twitter Search. So what did she tweet that was so bad that it needed to be removed?

A link to a satirical article on BBspot about the whole Google Voice iPhone app removal brouhaha, titled “Google Pulls Apple from Search Results”. In it, an author of the comedy news site writes that Google has removed all search results leading to Apple.com from its index, and redirecting searches for “iPhone” and “app store” to the IMDb.com page for Payback.

Mayer gets quoted a couple of times in the piece as well:

Google’s official explanation for removing Apple from its search results came from Vice-President in charge of search, Marissa Mayer, “Those search results duplicate a lot of the functionality of other sites. For example, people can find cell phones on many other sites. We just think this makes it easier for our users.”

Pretty funny for much everyone, but for such a key Google employee to link to that article could be a bit offensive to some (both inside Google and Apple), hence the removal, probably. But it does show what she thinks about the whole thing, that she has a sense of humour, and which sites she tends to visit to get her news.

Update: this is very reminiscent of Randi Zuckerberg’s joke on Twitter about possibly deleted a club and its bouncer’s pages from Facebook.