Android making an appearance on Mintpad MID

mintpadI question the continued existence of mobile internet devices (MIDs) like the Mintpad, seeing as all our phones are turning into MIDs. You can’t fight convergence. Still, as long as there’s a little room in the market, stuff like this will stick around. Mintpass makes, among other things, a little MID called the Mintpad, which looks like a perfectly functional little thing (GPS, web, etc), and the next version will be sporting Android. Who knows whether we’ll see it on this side of the Pacific, though.

What’s interesting is that with Chrome OS coming out, there’s going to be a grey area between Android devices and Chrome devices. Obviously Android is more appropriate for something like this MID, but what about a small tablet? Will Chrome OS be too much? Will Android be too little? This will all get hashed out pretty soon, I’m thinking.