A couple sprinkles of Donut lore as developers dig in

So yesterday we saw the new Android version, Donut, get released to developers. Lots of sweetness inside, as we detailed then, but there are just a couple corrections to be observed. It’s not Android 2.0 — the version numbers aren’t just going to jump up like that. I suspect Google is working on having the whole idea of version numbers be secondary to the pastry names. So Donut it is, and no more.

Secondly, multitouch is still not implemented. While you can hack it in, as we’ve seen in the past, there are hardware limitations and just throwing it out there might break some apps. However, Donut has some “kernel commitments” in it, meaning that it will be made integral to the OS at some point. Just don’t expect any miracles when they roll out Donut for real.

Keep an eye on Cyanogen’s Twitter, it’s been our best source for Donut news.