FriendFeed Follows For A Change With "Recommend Friends" Feature

For many features and innovations, FriendFeed has been ahead of Facebook, and even Twitter. It’s usually Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites catching up to FriendFeed, not the other way around. Today, FriendFeed added a Recommend Friends feature, that allows you to recommend subscriptions of friend’s feeds to anyone who subscribes to your feed. The friend suggestions feature was originally born out of LinkedIn and Facebook added the suggestion feature early last year.

When you send friend recommendations, your friend will get an email with all of your recommendations, including a link to subscribe to all your recommendations with a single click, which is actually pretty useful. Especially if you are a new user, it’s nice to have the option of having a friend do all the work for you when it comes to finding people to follow.

And whenever you hover over a friend’s name, you will see a “recommend friends” link in the popup image. You will also see the link on the profile pages of your friends who have joined the site recently and may need some help in finding friends to link up to.

FriendFeed continues to roll out features and tools at an impressive pace, adding real-time search, unveiling a new API, and the ability to disable comments in July alone.