Chinese iPod cases reveal, confirm a few new iPod features

Most of the buzz surrounding the new iPods was buzzed up when we got the first reveal of the new cases. The hole in the center obviously portended a camera, and the internet has been all-a-twitter ever since. Personally, I can’t get excited over another crappy camera that you’ll never use because you already have an equally crappy camera on your phone. But try telling that to the internet!

Anyway, Cult of Mac, apparently posing as an American reseller (shady), got a Chinese accessory company to send over a bunch of pictures of their new cases. Here I have the quote from the company:

My company had got full information and dimension. Enclosed some image and instruction for your reference. Most of the sample available now. If you need some sample check quality please freely let me know.

Sounds legit to me. So what are the new features? Well, the biggest change would have to be that the iPod Nano is going to have a nice wide screen. Not 16:9, but 3:2. That’s a standard photo aspect ratio. You’ll be holding the Nano sideways like a regular little camera, which is great, but won’t improve the quality of the pictures taken through that pinhole of a lens.

Actually, now that I think about it, it looks like the Nano screen and layout is really the only new thing here. Still, if you wanted confirmation, this is about as close as you’re going to get.