Proposed military robot would refuel by eating human bodies. What could possibly go wrong?

Those of you who follow the Robocalypse tag know that I find the rise of machine-based warfare and biomimetic freakery… troubling. Well, it just got a lot more so. Not content to have robots simply feed on widely available sunlight, or use an versatile diesel engine or something, some robo-pioneers have decided that this new robot should refuel on biomass.

Yes, it can use plants and compost and stuff like that, but let’s be honest. You’re deploying these on a battlefield. These sons of bitches are going to be eating bodies all day long. And you think it’ll stop there?

In the presentation on the EATR (I know) robot’s construction and AI, it is shown that the robot creates plans for the next 50ms to the next 24 hours. Sure, if it’s in a foxhole with you, its one-hour plan is to sit tight and wait for backup. But if shutdown is imminent, it may start implementing Code Dahmer in its long-term strategy.

Seriously, it’s not enough to create simple sniper-bots, you have to make some that actively crave flesh?

[via HardOCP and Fox News]