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It’s not exactly the full Android experience, but if you’re wondering what it might be like to run the mobile OS on a computer about the size and speed of… well, the one you’re reading this on, then these guys have something for you. A disc image, to be specific. With an x86-compatible version of Android on it, if you really must know.

Released just a few days ago, Live Android is for those of you who want to experience the look-and-feel free of its G1 or myTouch trappings. They say only a few video and network card drivers are working right now (give them a break, it’s version 0.2), so if it doesn’t show itself or won’t connect to the interwebs, drop them a line.

Screenshots and stuff are at the project site, but it looks pretty much like you’d expect. Hey, it’s less than 100MB, why not give it a shot yourself?

[via Download Squad and Engadget]

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