A Workaround For The Gmail Push Workaround

picture-114Since we wrote the story last week about GPush, the iPhone app that delivers Gmail messages through iPhone Push Notifications, we’ve gotten numerous emails with the same question: Where can I get it? Unfortunately, as I said in the post, it looks like Apple is dragging its feet in accepting the app. So today, we bring news of a potential workaround. Yes, a workaround for a workaround.

After reading our post, Developer Harry Finocchiaro created a simple application called “Gmailpush” and uploaded it to Google Code for all to use. What is does is checks your Gmail account for new messages and then sends you a text message alert when a new one comes in. Is this ideal? No. But depending on how fast it works (I haven’t tried it out yet), it is a potential workaround for those who really want push Gmail on the iPhone.

But there are a couple of downsides to this. First: The program is Windows-only right now. Second: You’re probably going to want to have unlimited text messages on your plan, or this could get very expensive, very quick. In fact, that was part of the reason why Finocchiaro made the app, “The thought process was that since I’m being charged an insane amount of money for unlimited text messages, I might as well take advantage of it. That being said, SMS messages are push notifications if used correctly.”

It’s fairly pathetic that a workaround for a workaround has to be instituted just to get push Gmail on the iPhone. After all, it is on iPhone competitors like the Palm Pre. I don’t know why Apple and Google won’t just get together and offer it natively. At the very least, Apple could accept GPush and let others in on the fun.

There are other workarounds, such as piping Gmail through Exchange or MobileMe, but those have limits, and not everyone can do that.

As I said, I haven’t tried this out yet (since it’s Windows-only), but feel free to give it a shot.