Charge4all, your friendly neighborhood charging tube

For some people, this little doodad will be a godsend. With a single AC adapter, you can charge up to four devices at the same time. There are interchangeable connectors for most popular devices, and if the included 5 don’t cover your bases, one of the many purchasable extras should do the trick. It seems to be mostly limited to mobiles, but a mini-USB cable is a handy addition and most larger devices tend to have removable batteries and separate charge cradles.

There are two options: with mat and without mat. I don’t care for the look of the mat, personally (reminds me of a Lego base) and you can save $10 by just getting the tube, so that’d be my recommendation.

I actually would find little use for this because I like to spread my gadgets around the area. I have a camera gear table, a gaming table, and so on. Phones get charged by my bed because that’s where I need it to be when I’m sleeping. Still, this might be handy for an office or common area in a house or dorm.

[via Crave]