Grab Some Lunch And Watch MJ's Funeral!

In case you haven’t gotten enough of the non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson since his death last week, grab some lunch and watch his funeral, which is already under way, but the public memorial at the Staples Center in Los Angeles is scheduled to start at around 10:30 AM PT/ 1:30 PM ET. You can watch it on TV, or on pretty much any video or gossip site on the Web. is covering it live with the same Facebook chat integration it used for Obama’s Inauguration. You can see everyone’s comments on the side, or just your friends. I wonder which one will generate more Facebook status updates (the Obama CNN-Facebook Inauguration generated 1.5 million).

Right now five of the top ten top trending topics on Twitter search have to do with MJ (“MJ’s,“MJ Memorial,” “Staples Center,” “RIP MJ,” and “#michaeljackson”).

Where are you watching MJ’s funeral today? (Come on, admit it, you have nothing better to do). I’m following 1938Media’s Twitter stream, he’s at the funeral (or at least is pretending to be) and even dressed up for the occasion.

UPDATE: Facebook reports that as of 10:30 a.m. PDT 300,000 users are logged in to the Facebook/CNN platform. There have been more than 500,000 status updates, with 6,000 status updates posted per minute. And the Michael Jackson Facebook page now has 7 million fans, more than any other fan page, including Barack Obama’s. And the MJ virtual glove has been given away 800,000 times, making it the most popular virtual gift ever on Facebook.