Facebook's Big Day: 1.5 Million Obama-Related Status Updates Via CNN

It may be Obama Day today, but it was definitely also Facebook Day – the company had its Facebook Connect service integrated nicely into the live CNN.com coverage of the inauguration. Facebook users could log into Facebook while watching the event, read comments from friends (or anyone) and leave their own.

We updated our post at 10:15 PST with some of the user stats sent over by Facebook – over 600,000 status updates had been posted from the live stream by then.

We requested updated stats this evening, and got them. Things sure didn’t let up. Since this morning more than 1.5 million status updates have been posted through the feed (there were 200,000 b 8:30 am PST). During the broadcast an average of 4,000 status updates were written every minute, and 8,500 were written every minute during Obama’s speech.

That was one hell of an advertisement for Facebook. Nicely done.