Mother of all game packs: 20 2K games on Steam for $54

If you just want a couple games to get you through the long weekend, today’s X-COM deal should do that for you. But if you need something a little more… substantial, which includes the X-COM games, may I take the liberty, sir, of recommending this 2K games pack? $54 is a substantial sum, to be sure, but consider what you are receiving:

  • Bioshock
  • Civilization III, IV and all expansions
  • Prey
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates (actually fun)
  • Every X-COM game

Among others. Considering you’re not only getting a ton of games, but a few of the most replayable games in history, this should tide you over for a bit.

The pack is $54 for a week (until July 7), at which point the price reverts to $60. So actually, there’s not much of a hurry. Warning to Australian readers: it doesn’t work for you due to different companies publishing the games down there.

[via Reddit]