Kobe Gigantor robot monument to rival life-size Gundam, weigh much more

I think we adequately covered the life-size Gundam statue in Odaiba, but apparently that was just the beginning. Kobe has decided that it needs its own monument to an anime robot (what recession?), and they’ve chosen as the object of their adoration Tetsujin-28, AKA Gigantor. Of a similar height to a Gundam mecha but significantly… more stout, the Gigantor statue will stand 59 feet tall, but will weigh 50 tons (the Gundam was a paltry 35).

The Gigantor project has a bit more of an official page than the Gundam, where you can see that they’re already well underway in creating the enormous pieces to be assembled into the chubby, long-nosed bot. I don’t think there are movable parts, which is disappointing, but the Gundam’s moves were pretty weak anyway.

[via Street Level]