CrunchDeals: Mice for any price

Looking for a new mouse? Well, no matter how much you’re thinking of spending, there’s a good deal out there for you somewhere. We found some great mice for $50, $40, $30, $20, and even $10. So whether you’re a high roller or looking for an extra mouse for the kitchen PC, we’ve got you covered.

All prices include shipping, but there might be some tax up in there.

$50: Razer DeathAdder
My personal favorite mouse, and a good deal at any price.

$40: Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
I had an MX700 years ago, and still think its shape (same as the G5) the most comfortable I’ve used after the Death Adder.

$30: Logitech MX110 Wireless Laser Mouse
Many swear by the MX Revolution, which shares its form factor with this guy. Logitech also has the bombest scroll wheels around. It’s actually $32, but who’s counting?

$20: Microsoft Arc Mouse
Excellent travel mouse and a good example of functional design. Beautiful, convenient, and now it’s cheap, too.

$10: Kingwin Wireless Laser Mouse
I can’t say anything about this mouse because I don’t know it, but for $10 you’re getting a real-life wireless mouse, what more do you want?

There you have it. Five mice, five prices, and five ways to keep the great wheel of capitalism turning for another day.

[Image from here. via DealNews, in case you’re wondering why there are referrer codes in the links]