Samsung adds new colors, flavors to mini external drive lineup

Stop what you’re doing! It’s a Samsung press day and they’re blowing the doors off the hinges with these completely bonkers announcements. Well, not really, but there are some nice little upgrades (and a grip of phones) trickling out, so if you were in the market for a little external drive, better read this before you shell out.

Samsung’s little S series has been offering tiny storage and encryption for a while, and the line is now getting a cosmetic and functional upgrade. The S1 Mini, which uses a 1.8″ drive, is getting a size bump to 160GB; that’s a great amount of space to have in something that fits easily into my purse. I mean your purse. The whole line is also getting truly amazing new blue and magenta colors, so you can impress all your friends with your fashion sense as well as your storage capacity.

Of course, if you’re not concerned about looks, you can buy one of these ugly (but practical) mothers.