NASA invents the greatest drink of all time: The Right Stuff

Are you planning on going into space any time soon? No? Maybe it’s hot where you are, though. Yes? Then you need to be drinking some of this! The Right Stuff, a NASA-developed sports drink/zero-calorie electrolyte liquid concentrate, was designed to basically be the greatest drink on or off the planet. I mean, it’s astronaut proven, probably the highest standard ever. Check out the stats:

Developed as a remedy for dehydration, it helps prevent the loss of body fluids during heavy exercise, heat exposure and illness. It also can be used to treat and prevent dehydration caused by altitude sickness and jetlag.

The novel electrolyte formula contains a specific ratio of key ingredients, sodium chloride and sodium citrate, for rapid restoration of hydration. These electrolytes, dissolved in water, optimize the levels of sodium ions in the body. The beverage is an isotonic formulation that restores both intra- and extracellular body fluid volumes in dehydrated astronauts, athletes and others.

What they don’t tell you is that it’s going to be half of the next great fad drink: one part Right Stuff and one part any Russian vodka creates the International Space Station. I’m such a genius.

They’re coming to sports stores soon, or you can order some online; it comes in citrus, wild berry, and “unflavored,” which I guess just tastes like… electrolytes. Too bad it’s super expensive: if you buy 10 they’re about $2.70 each. Come on, NASA, we don’t all have astronaut salaries.

[via Medgadget]