GamersGate now serving up Mac Games for direct download

You remember GamersGate, right? The direct-download games site we reviewed a little while back has a nice little surprise: they’re now going to be offering Mac games for sale right next to all those new and classic PC titles. They’ve also recently revamped their site to be a little slicker, so those of you who found it offensive to the eye before might want to give it another shot. I’m pumped that they’ve got some awesome indie titles in there, like And Yet It Moves and Larva Mortus, both of which I have checked out before but probably wouldn’t buy unless it was this easy.

If you remember, GamersGate is a clientless service, so there’s nothing that lives on your PC or Mac. When you buy a game it gives you a little meta-downloader that connects and begins getting the disk image. Looks like this:


As you can see, they’ve addressed the speed problems they had before as well. I got above 500KB/s the whole time, usually more like 700.


I haven’t been able to peruse their whole Mac library, but they do have new games like Europa Universalis and FlatOut 2, along with some smaller, indie titles like World of Goo and the like. I think we’re all aware that the Mac isn’t exactly the world’s first choice in gaming platforms, but it’s good to have a location like this to grab games from instead of actually driving to an Apple store or something.