Want An HTC Magic From Google I/O? Try eBay.

After learning that everyone who attended the Google I/O conference was getting a free Android phone, were you upset that you weren’t here? Well I have good news. But it will cost you.

The Google Ion (aka the HTC Magic or the “G2”) that was given to everyone who attended the Google I/O conference today is already available on eBay. Quite frankly, I’m shocked that it seemed to take an hour for this to happen.

In the short amount of time since the listing went up, the item already has 8 bids, pushing the price past $200. Considering this thing is unlocked and comes with a month’s free of T-Mobile service (which Google also gave to all conference goers), you can probably expect it to go much higher.

The pictures listed for the device on eBay were clearly taken at Moscone West (where Google I/O is taking place), so you know it’s the real deal. Also, the device has a spiffy I/O logo on the back, so that’s worth an extra $50 right there, no?

Update: Just a few minutes after our post, the bids and price have almost doubled have more than doubled.

Update 2: Looks like it sold for $760 — not bad for a gift.