New Zealand Telco Seems To Further Verify New iPhone — On Twitter

iphone-back-coverYes, there is very likely a new iPhone coming very soon. Probably to be unveiled at WWDC and launched sometime in July. But it’s easy to forget those are all still rumors because Apple obviously won’t comment on anything and so the information is based on leaked reports, second-hand whispers, inferences and digging through software code. But it’s one of those situations where there is almost too much smoke for there not to be a fire. The latest bit of smoke comes compliments of Telecom New Zealand’s official Twitter account.

“We are in negotiations with Apple… we are very focused on the 3rd gen iPhone.. we will keep u updated,” a tweet reads. Another Twitter user asked for clarification if that meant the iPhone 3G or a 3rd version of the iPhone, and the account responded with “Correction, we did not say we’re launching iphone, all said was that we’re talking to Apple & we’re focused on 3rd version.” So while they denied an imminent launch on their network (because the iPhone is only on Vodafone in New Zealand right now), that does seem to confirm that they did mean a 3rd version of the iPhone — which would be the next iteration of the iPhone, following the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

Of course, the telecom didn’t give any launch dates or specs or pricing, but if they’re talking with Apple about this next generation of the device, you can be pretty sure it’s coming soon. Of course, we already mostly knew that, but just a little more fuel for the fire.