MyLifeIsAverage: The Service Twitter Was Meant To Be

picture-67“What are you doing?” It’s the message that still resides at the top Twitter, even though less and less people actually answer that question. It wasn’t always that way, Twitter did just begin as a way to tell friends what you were doing. Then it got all popular, and everyone ruined it (or made it a hell of a lot better). But what if you do just want a stream of mundane updates? Then MyLifeIsAverage is for you.

The site asks you to “share your everyday mediocrity.” Here are some examples:

  • “Today I had meatloaf for dinner. Tomorrow I will have leftover meatloaf for lunch”
  • “Today I was talking on a cell phone and my legs got tired, so I sat on the floor.”
  • “Today I accidentally dialed my girlfriend’s number when I tried to call my friend. I explained to her what happened and she understood.”
  • “Today, when I walked into my math exam, my calculator said it was running out of batteries. I used it for an hour and a half and nothing happened.”
  • “Today I hit the snooze button 3 times. I was 5 minutes late to work. No one said anything.”

The best part of the site may be the explanations for features. For example, when you try and submit something without being logged in, you get, “Our mediocre server was being inundated with submissions, so until it recovers, only registered users can submit.” And on the topic of why you should register, the site states: “No one cares. It would let you comment on submissions, but really, does anyone need or want to read your literary flatulence?”

If you do register you can not only submit stories, but vote on existing ones as either “average” or “meh,” and you can comment. As commenter Rajiv notes, this looks to be the sister site to MyLifeIsG, a site full of boasts. Both are along the lines of the popular fmylife, for bitching about life.  This is my new favorite site; expect non-stop coverage.