Twishitter: Twitter Apps Head Towards The Gutter

picture-13It’s inevitable. A platform becomes popular, gains mainstream appeal, and the race to the bottom begins. We saw this happen with the iPhone, where a plethora of farting applications hit the store. But it happens, at least in part, because people enjoy the humorous, crude app every once in a while. The success that iFart and other apps of that ilk point to this — or at least to their novelty. Now Twitter is getting it’s own gross apps. But they’re not wasting their time talking about farting — they’re going right to the shitter.

Twishitter is a service meant for one purpose: To collect people’s tweets while in the bathroom. If you use Twitter, you’ve probably done it, or seen someone at a bar doing it. Now, there’s an app to follow all the action live.

To use it, simply include either “@twishitter” or “#poo” in your tweets, and they’ll appear in the Twishitter timeline. Of course, I’m looking at the site right now and it appears that it’s just aggregating any tweet that includes words like “crap,” which most of the time is completely unrelated. You can easily retweet Twishitter tweets from the site, or leave comments below the tweets on the site itself.

Yeah, it’s stupid, and yeah it’s gross, but at least the creators have a sense of humor.

Here’s a few choice bits from the site:

  • “25% of all tweets are twooted via twitter whilst the twitterer is on the twoilet… ~ Fartner Independent Research”
  • “When I use public restrooms, I love the thrill of tapping the feet of those occupying neighboring stalls. I also enjoy twishittering!” – Senator Larry Craig
  • “Michelle and I TwiShitter all the time from the White House.” – Barack Obama

It also, hilariously, has an ad for ExecTwshitter — ripping into ExecTweets, the Twitter service for execs that was the first third-party to be sponsored in ads on Twitter.