Power-on-demand electric bike actually looks really nice

Getting around in the city ends up being a pretty complicated problem. Depending on where you work, what you do, and what sort of terrain you’ve got going on, you may want to take the bus, subway, a car, a bike, or a scooter. I bike, but I also live on top of Capitol Hill in Seattle. So if I want to go anywhere, I end up having to slog back up seven blocks of incline; so I end up driving distances I should probably be riding. This kind of half-electric cycle seems like it could be a really nice fit with a lifestyle like mine. Pedal when you want, cruise when you need to, and plug it in pretty much anywhere.

The A2B is all-electric, has a 20-mile range (with the option of an extra battery to make it 40) and a maximum speed of 20mph. You can just pedal if you want, or you can hit the throttle when you need more go or you hit a gnarly hill. It weighs 70lbs, so you won’t be carrying it up any stairs, but the hands-on suggests it’s not a problem while riding. Of course, it’s not meant for going up on curbs and through parks, but it’ll certainly get you to work faster than a bus and you can be happy knowing you’re doing something that’s good for you and the environment.

I hope the 20mph is a power limit and not a programmed-in one. Because I bet if you pedaled it up to 20 and then hit the throttle, you could really fly with this thing.

[via Treehugger]