Tiny Asus USB TV tuner turns your laptop into a PVR

expresstvThis Express TV stick thing could be pretty handy. Of course, there are other TV tuner solutions out there, but are any this portable and sport 4GB of storage? Great for catching up on network TV, and you can record right to your hard drive as well. It’s a bit bulky for a thumbdrive (try this one if you want small), but if you only want to carry one of the things around, why not make it a TV too?

Of course, I don’t like the idea of a widget or screen popping up every time I plug the thing in. USB drives with autolaunching programs creep me out. I’m looking at you, Cruzer. U3 launch system indeed.

Hmm, the picture on the right makes it look gigantic, actually. That’s just a picture on the box, if you can’t tell. The real thing is sort of regular-thumb-drive-sized.

[via HotHardware]