Soonr Updates Its Offering. Brings Up The "Netbook" Buzzword.

31In this day and age, with technology, no one works alone — that’s how Soonr sees it. And it’s a key part of the company’s offering: collaboration. Another is portability, and with the launch of the 3.0 version of its software, Soonr is expanding in both of those areas.

And this update comes complete with an attempt to leverage two of the hottest things out there: the iPhone and netbooks. Soonr launched its iPhone app back in January, and despite supporting some 800 phones, the company still touts that one as a key part of its business. And netbooks are a slightly newer phenomenon that the company is now mentioning as fitting in to what it’s trying to do. Sure, Soonr works on netbooks, just like it works on other computers. But buzz-worthy products aside, the key idea is that you can access your documents from a huge variety of devices, no matter where you are.

And version 3.0 offers some updates. One is called “Projects.” It allows users to better organize specific files together in the cloud. Another new feature is an admin interface so that team leaders can better oversee the collaboration going on. Another lets users send faxes from a mobile device with eFax. There is also support for video playback and a completely revamped UI. But the biggest new feature has to be the search functionality. It promises to work not only on titles of documents on your local machine/phone, but also will search text within documents across the entire network of devices attached to the files in the cloud.

For the first time with the 3.0 release, Soonr is offering a premium version of the product itself. Previously, it offered a free version, and premium versions through various partners. But apparently, it’s moving away from the white labeling idea, and trying to make money by selling the product on its own. For the premium version, prices start at $7.95 a month, but users can add a lot of options for higher fees. If you need it, you can get 2 terabytes of cloud storage for your documents.

I’m a little wary of the buzzwords, but Soonr has a solid product, that simplifies working with documents in the cloud. This looks to be a nice update to it.