Flat keyboard for medical environments features faux-3D keys

I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for one of these flat, easily washable keyboards to be clearly aimed at the medical establishment, not just in marketing but in design. The Medigenic Infection-control keyboard (catchy) is totally flat, and only appears to have a three-dimensional surface. This means it’s super easy to wipe down after some patient yaks all over it, or an infected monkey sneezes on it. It even comes with a mouse that has no exposed cracks where bacteria and the like can make their home.


There’s even a dedicated “wipe” key, which you hit before you clean the pus off the sucker. This is a great idea, although I doubt that the flatness enhances typing ability. For the long reports you’ll need to write about that fascinating mutation you-know-who exhibits, you’ll want to use your office computer.

[Medgadget via OhGizmo]