Ashton Kutcher Promises To Punk Ted Turner If He Beats CNN To A Million Twitter Followers

picture-14Apparently, actor Ashton Kutcher woke up today and realized he has a whole hell of a lot of Twitter followers. How many? Just shy of 850,000 now. Even more impressive to him though is that he’s near the number of Twitter followers that the No. 1 Twitter “user” CNN has (just over 900,000).

So Kutcher is throwing down the gauntlet. In a video released on YouTube today (embedded below), he’s promising to “ding dong ditch” billionaire Ted Tuner (founder of CNN) if he beats CNN to a million Twitter followers. What is a ding dong ditch you may ask? Well, it’s when you go up to a person’s house, ring their doorbell, them run away and watch as they look around to see who’s there. Yes, it’s kind of a wussy version of stuff they used to do on Kutcher’s hit MTV show “Punk’d.”

In releasing this to the Internet and tweeting it out, it’s pretty clear that Kutcher wants to be the first Twitter user with a million followers. That should be enough to put him over the top, but he may need a little more help as singer Britney Spears also remains ahead of him (though slightly with just over 870,000 followers).

You can see a full list of the top Twitter users (in terms of followers) at Twitterholic. It’s slightly behind the real-time counts, but is an accurate list.

Update: Kutcher has since clarified on Twitter that to do a proper “ding dong ditch,” he must leave a million of something on Turner’s doorstep. Let your imagination run wild.