Earn Some D'oh: MySpace Wants You To Make Your Own Simpsons Couch Gag

Nearly anyone who has watched TV in the last twenty years is familiar with The Simpson’s intro, which always features a different brief segment at the end as the family rushes to sit together on their couch. Even after 436 episodes it’s a gag that still hasn’t gotten old.

Today The Simpsons is teaming with MySpace to launch a contest that invites users to create their own Simpsons couch gags. Contestants are invited to include the official theme song (which is available for download on the site). The contest runs until May 18, with the winners receiving a trip to LA to attend the premiere party for the show’s 21st season, along with a home entertainment system and some other Simpsons memorabilia.

MySpace likes to do a lot of these media-heavy contests, which strongly appeal to its core demographic. Other competitions include its Married On MySpace wedding contest, where users vie to win a cheesy online wedding.

The Simpsons Couch Gag – How To