Want A Free, Cheesy Wedding Planned By Millions Of Strangers? Head to MySpace.

If you have ever wanted a cheesy, media-sponsored wedding like those on reality TV shows or on the Today Show, perhaps you should look to your social network. MySpace is now accepting submissions for “Married on MySpace,” an online reality TV series that will let couples receive the “wedding of their dreams” planned by and shared with the entire social network . Engaged couples can enter their video submissions here. MySpace is partnering with The Knot to provide editorial content and wedding planning expertise and the contest is co-sponsored by Disney, who is releasing “The Proposal” soon with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. And MySpace is partnering with Endemol, a European reality television production company that has created classy reality tv shows like FearFactor, Extreme Makeover and Big Brother.

After submissions have ended, MySpace members can chose their favorite couples from a group of finalists. Once a finalist has been selected, members will continue to vote on elements of the wedding, including what the bride and groom will wear, where the couple will celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wedding location, and more. The series will debut on MySpace in May with the announcement of the chosen couple and conclude in early August with the wedding ceremony. “Married on MySpace” will consist of 13 webisodes that document the wedding planning process the same way that wedding reality shows like “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway” profile weddings.

I have no doubt that MySpace will be able to enlist plenty of attention-hungry couples who want their few moments of reality web TV fame. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that News Corp. will foot the bill for your wedding. I’m just curious as to how many MySpace executives would allow the social network’s millions of members to plan their dream weddings.

Here’s the publicity video for the series: