Update on Canon's rumored new video device

More info! Keep in mind this update is merely an update to the rumor. It’s not a confirmation or anything like that. The anonymous source, bless him, has added some tidbits to the earlier announcement, which was slightly cryptic. For instance, “120Hz” is clarified to 120 full frames, but the camera will supposedly be limited to 60. Why? No one knows.

The sensor is supposed to be a brand new one with far less of a rolling shutter, or “jelly-motion” effect. 1080p at 30fps is supposed to become the standard with the new Canon DSLR lineup, as well, although the T1i’s useless 20fps video doesn’t bode well. Basically these changes would address many (but not all) of the issues around shooting Canon video. I’d love to see a high-performance HD video camera from Canon, but we’ll stay skeptical for now.