A very CrunchGear super-slow-mo reel using Casio's Exilim FC-100

We’ve got one of Casio’s Exilim FC-100s for review right now, and of course the first thing we had to do was test out its vaunted super slow motion functionality. I was going to save this little reel for the review, but it was too fun not to share.

Yeah, it’s pretty much us jumping around like idiots the whole time. Sorry I didn’t have any wine glasses to shoot bullets at! There’ll be cooler stuff for the review. Watch in HQ, the framerate is better.

The “thin” video was shot at 1000FPS, but I had to speed it up to make it watchable — it’s really slow. The full frame stuff is at 420FPS, which is a little easier to relate to and has a bigger picture to boot. I’m sorry to say that the quality of the video (size and compression-wise) is pretty awful, but expecting megaslow and HQ video from a point-and-shoot is just greedy. Remember, this thing fits in your front pocket. Totally insane.

The music is “Yadnus” by !!!, from Live at KEXP Volume 4.